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Outdoor enthusiasts and tradesmen alike will be excited to hear that one of four-wheel-driving’s most frustrating problems has finally been solved.

Drawing upon years of experience with the difficulties and frustration associated with the maintenance of permanently fixed pull-out awnings, RacksBrax’ local Brisbane engineer and off-road enthusiast has developed the fast release hitch we’ve all been waiting for.

This innovative quick release RacksBrax HD Hitch now means roof rack mounted pull-out awnings and conduit tubes can be locked-on or taken off roof racks in less than 10 seconds; improving fuel consumption and reducing the effects of weather on awnings in particular.

The RacksBrax HD Hitch also allows tradesmen and off-road enthusiasts to quickly swap out roof rack mounted awnings or conduit tubes to a wall-mounted RacksBrax HD Hitch unit in their garage, protecting them from the elements, whilst keeping them easily accessible for the next adventure.

This minimalist, sleek, rattle free, roof rack hitch with a built-in lock has been designed to fit almost all existing roof rack mounted pull-out awnings and conduit tube brackets on the market.

Quality design and manufacture for safety and function are the hallmark of RacksBrax’ designs. Product designs are developed by local designers and engineers using state of the art technology and products are tested in the field to make sure they meet with the RacksBrax rigorous standards. And, yes, they are manufactured in Australia too.

To find out more about the RacksBrax HD Hitch, visit RacksBrax on the during the South Queensland Caravan, Camping, Fishing & 4×4 Expo, site OS165.